Business Process Outsourcing Back Office Functions

Pioneer BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides back office functions for some of the largest Law firms in United States spanning bankruptcy filing, Debt relief applications, Credit Repair & Student Loan Payments Deferment. Through our highly skilled workforce, we ensure back office functions, such as data entry and payment processing, are error free and completed on-time.

Some of our Back Office Services include:

  • Data Entry / Form Filling
  • Survey / Market Research
  • Online Data Cleanse
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting Support
  • Order/Sales Support
  • Email Management
  • Reporting & Data Management
  • Quality Assurance

Our clients have seen the following results with our Back Office Services:

  • 98% + Accuracy Levels
  • 100% in Meeting Deadlines
  • 30% Reduction in Operational Costs
  • Reporting and Analysis of Return Data for Business Analysis