Increase sales per hour, close rates and revenue per sale with Etech Global Services.

Pioneer BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has deep experience with both inbound and outbound sales programs for consumers and commercial clients. For over 8 years, we have been helping some of the world's leading organizations improve their sales programs. We offer sales support across a number of communication channels including voice, email & chat..

All of our sales communication is augmented by our quality assurance team to ensure that every interaction is positive and continually improving. We also leverage this information to uncover business intelligence data to understand client perceptions on promotions, pricing and competitive offerings.

You can view the progress of your program through our sales reports and analytics. In a single report, you can easily track close rates, sales per hour, average revenue per sale, and much more. We can also provide a host of ad-hoc reports to meet all of your reporting and business needs.

Pioneer BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is PCI Compliant and offers dedicated technology with a full redundant environment with full back-up and recovery. You can be confident that we'll be available to assist your customers without interruptions.

We'll partner with you to deliver proactive solutions that help you meet your revenue goals.

Our clients have seen the following results with our Sales Services:

  • 23% Increase in Close Rates
  • 44% Increase in Average Order Value
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction
  • 29% Increase in Service Levels